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Short CV


since 01/2020 PhD position at the Institute of Philosophy, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, as part of the project "How Far Does Reflective Equilibrium Take Us?" (subproject "Disagreement and Consensus", PI: Prof. Dr. Gregor Betz) 
04/2019 - 06/2020 Master of Education in Philosophy/Ethics and Physics at the University of Konstanz, graduated with honors
10/2015 - 12/2018 Master of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Konstanz, graduated with honours, thesis: "Accuracy for Probabilism?" (supervised by Prof. (em.) Dr. Wolfgang Spohn and Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller), VEUK award 2020 for outstanding degree in Philosophy
10/2012 - 10/2015 Bachelor of Science in Physics (major), Philosophy (minor) and Economics (minor) at the University of Konstanz, thesis: "Optimization of a New Laser Backscatter Sensor" (supervised by Prof. Dr. Gerd Ganteför and Dr. Michael Gausa)



"A general worry about the accuracy-first programme", at the Formal Philosophy Online Conference in Moscow, Russia


"A general worry about the accuracy-first programme", at the Bayesian Epistemology: Perspectives and Challenges Online Conference in Munich, Germany


"Coherence without coherentism: What's left and why it's worth it", at the New Methods for Applied Ethics Online Conference in Tübingen, Germany
09/18/2019 "Legitimate ways of measuring distance to truth", at the SOPhiA Conference in Salzburg, Austria
08/31/2019 "Decomposition and the Brier Score", at the Bayes By the Sea Conference in Ancona, Italy
08/01/2019 "Calibration in Accuracy for Probabilism?", at the Open Minds Conference in Manchester, UK
06/24/2019 "On Richard Pettigrew's latest accuracy-first argument for Probabilism", at the Logic Rulez?! Conference in Vienna, Austria